Dredge Pictures

These pictures were taken on various dredging jobs.

In 1995 I worked in Denmark, on the Øresund Project

On a visit to the fill site one day, Hans Havbro decided to demonstrate the compaction of the clay till. It finally took the backhoe to get him out.

The dredge on the project was the Chicago, the largest dredge of it's type in the world. Here I am on board.

One nice thing about dredging is that it gets me out on the water where I get to see some unique sights.

On a visit to Coos Bay, Oregon, I found this guy hanging about the dock.

I love seeing Dolphins, but rarely get such good pics.

On a visit to Hilton Head, North Carolina, I got this great picture of the sunrise.

On a trip to Coos Bay, Oregon I got this picture of the Dredge Padre Island in the afternoon.

Here is a sample of the equipment Great Lakes owns. This is just a small fraction of the largest dredging fleet in the United States.

This is the Dredge California, a Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD). This picture was taken on site north of Galveston Texas.

Here is the Captain of the California, Alan Julian, and the Deck Captain looking at the cutter.

This is the booster pump GL130. This picture was also taken on site north of Galveston Texas.

This is the Dredge Alaska, another CSD. This picture was taken at Craney Island, near Norfolk, VA.

This is the Dredge New York, a backhoe dredge. This picture was taken in New York Harbor.

This is the New York with the boom and bucket on deck. Notice how small the man looks next to the largest backhoe dredge in the world!

On a trip to Egypt in 1999, I took some pictures of dredges owned by our Dutch and Belgian competitors.

This is Dredging International's Dredge Antigoon. The Antigoon is a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge (TSHD).

This is HAM Dredging's CSD HAM 217. Here the 217 is digging 'plus bank', the top of the material being dredged is above the waterline.

In Egypt, the housing for some of the local workforce was very basic.

In 1999 I recieved an award for a paper I gave at the Western Dredging Association (WEDA) annual conference on dredging. The subject of the paper was "The Development of an RTK Hydrographic Survey System".

Of course I wasn't nervous at all.

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