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Welcome to the Ramsdellís home page! Who are we? We are the branch of the Ramsdell Family headed by Robert C. Ramsdell Jr. and Dorothy Smilanich Ramsdell. We include:

Father (Patriarch) Robert Jr.

Mother (Matriarch) Dorothy

Son Robert (III)

Daughter Beth Valentine

We also have numerous relatives whom I may discuss elsewhere on this page. Who am I? Iím Robert III. I get the fun job of preparing this web site, and taking all of the flak. Feel free to e-mail me at the address below.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!Links of interest to family and friends

Check out Rob and Dorothy's house

Rob and Dorothy have moved in and we are told that the workmen are all gone...

Check out JoJo's new house!

Robert and Jennifer and Jordan Lee and Bobby are in their new house. The workmen are definitely not done, but they are often gone...
JoJo is of course our very own Jordan Lee

JoJo and Bobby's Christmas Album!

Check JoJo's second and Bobby's first Christmas. Don't ask Robert about the chair though...

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Have any links of interest? E-mail me with the details!

Questions, comments, criticisms (constructive)?  E-mail Robert III at comments@ramsdells.net.

This page last updated 08 January 2001.